Headache Care

Headaches or Migraines?

Are you living with persistent headaches, migraines, face or neck pain?

Have you tried everything and found no relief?

What would you be doing if you had more pain free days?  

Our office now offers a program of comprehensive care to help you with chronic pain.  Your pain may relate to headaches, migraines, tension or neck pain but it usually all comes down to improper muscles forces in the mouth, head and neck areas.

We use a proven and established system of state of the art technologies from the fields of advanced dentistry and sports medicine.Treatment is painless, minimally invasive, and uses no needles and no or minimal drugs.

  We can determine if we can help you with your pain in one short complimentary visit. At that time, we will evaluate your head and neck history, health history, dental history  and do a preliminary evaluation of your range of  muscle motion. Then we can asses if your symptoms can be resolved by this very sophisticated and proven system of care.


What would you do with more pain free days?


Please call Deanne at our office at (707)433-0210 for your complimentary visit or 

visit our sister site, http://winecountryheadachecenter.com/